Is this the best bass fishing rod choice for you?

Bass fishing is an awesome sport or hobby to get into, because it not only gets you to enjoy the great outdoors, but also makes you into a hunter. Now ain't something you want to get yourself involved into? I sure do!

But before you put on your fishing hat, you need to think where you are going to fish, what type of bass you want to fish and what equipment you will need to catch your dinner.

Is this the best bass fishing rod

The first two are all up to you, but be sure to find a place where there's first: lots of fish, and second: you feel great. Nothing beats that feeling of being in a peaceful state of mind…..except, catching the bass of course.

To give you a little bit of help with the equipment side of things, we went through some fishing rods we thought are good candidates to help you catch that bass in no time, and found the best bass rod you can get.

And the rod is….

Drum roll please

Okuma's Tournament Rod

Now you might be thinking: “Well why is this rod so special?” Glad you asked.

It's a beast of a rod that can handle any bass brave enough to challenge it.

Is this the best bass fishing rod for you?

The blanks are made from carbon fiber, which can withstand 30 tons of pressure (imagine catching a bass like that). On those blanks sit ALPS stainless steel guide frames with zirconium guide inserts that are made to last, and won't break that easily.

When it comes to how well you can fish with this rod, there's not many bass fishing rods out there that can match this one. Because of it's ergonomic design and light weight you will be fishing for hours without even realising you have a fishing rod in your hand.

This rod is built for quality, and will last you for ages, and not only that, because of how it’s built, it’s very lightweight and responsive.

Below you can also find a chart of all the pros and cons for this fishing rod:



  • check
    Can get either split or full grips
  • check
    Easy movement of your fishing line
  • Very responsive and uses a high-quality rod blank
  • A little on the stiff side
  • Might be less sensitive than its competitors

If you are new to bass fishing and don't know where to start we put together a nifty guide that will bring you up to speed on what ass fishing is all about, so be sure to check it here.

Bass fishing not your cup of tea?

No worries, you can find plenty of content about other fishing gear and fishing related stuff here.

You can find everything, from surf fishing, ice fishing, to fly fishing, so check those out to find out what fishing gear suits you best.

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