This surf rod is great…or even the best?

In one of our previous articles, we took you on a journey through what the best surf fishing reel is, so we thought that in this one we take a look at what is the best surf fishing rod that will compliment your reel.

Now, if you’re new to surf fishing, we recommend you also check out our surf reel article and see if the reel suits you.

However, we made this article about only one surf fishing rod, but there are many more out there, and you can check them here.

In case you didn’t know…

Now with that out of the way, before we reveal what the best surf fishing rod is, we wanted to give you some tips on how to take care of your rod and reel, since we want you to use them as long as possible.

It’s very important to keep your gear clean and safe. You wouldn’t want to expose it to harsh weather conditions, even though it’s a sturdy and resilient rod. 

The best surf fishing rod out there

With surf rods especially be sure to rinse them off after you come back from fishing at sea since salt can be very corrosive and unpleasant to materials.

Keep your reels well oiled so that the action performs as it should because you wouldn't want your reel jamming up when you have a big fish on the line.

Having a fishing bag really helps with keeping your rod and reel safe, as well as ease of transport and having everything handy.

Never mistreat your rod or reel, just like your car they also need care and love.

And now we go to the exciting part.

What is the best surf fishing rod?

Well for us it’s the Lamiglas Insane Surf Fishing Rod.

Now, why would you proclaim that this is the best surf fishing rod you might ask?

Because it’s awesome at what it does and looks good while doing it.

The best surf fishing rod out there

This fast action rod has two pieces that are built on a graphite composite blank making it lightweight with the sensitivity you need to feel strikes. Plus, it has the strength and stiffness to toss weights over a hundred yards and the ability to pull in a fifty-pounder.

Featuring stainless steel reel seats and lightweight guides, this rod sets itself apart from its competitors. It also features a modern look with its black shrink tape grips that help cut the weight even more and an aqua blue finish for added protection.

The graphite construction gives this rod the responsive action and stiffness which allows you to toss plugs and lures off a jetty making it one of the better options available.

See, it’s made to last and catch you heaps of fish, that’s why we name it the best surf fishing rod.



  • check
    It has a great mix of sensitivity and strength
  • check
    Has the ability to cast over a hundred yards
  • Features a gorgeous finish and color
  • It is often hard to find in stores
  • Might not be for every budget

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